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30.09.2011 13:05 - Rev. Moon's Church: The Unification Church - "Bay Area Family Church"
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Rev. Moon"s Church: The Unification Church - "Bay Area Family Church" Bay Area Family Church, Cult Group, Moonies, Religion, Rev. Moon, Sun Myung Moon, and The Unification Church
imageRev. Moon"s Unification Church

While other leaders talk of “family values,” Rev. Moon creates them. Rev. Moon have done more for the cause of inter-faith dialogue than any religion or government.

The Unification Church, the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification was founded by Sun Myung Moon in 1954 in Korea. Moon"s church attracted attention in the U.S. when he began establishing churches in the San Francisco Bay Area, including Berkeley. Just 40 years later wee see how great, positive impact they had on our American society.

image Rev Moon invited in the UK Parliament
image Testimony of joining the Unification Church
image Moon"s Weddings: The Power of True Love
image Rev.Moon: Passing the torch of Peacemaking
image Nostradamus Prophesied About Moon
Members of the religious organization came to be called "Moonies" and were proud of it. They followed Moon"s beliefs known as the Divine Principle. It offered revolutionary solutions to historic theological problems dividing Christianity for centuries. Moon"s teachings proved to be bringing the most powerful revolution of heart and conscience that no one was able to spark before.

In contrast to the free sex culture, Dr. Moon was marrying members in mass marriages. In a wounded world, racked with divorce and distrust, they devoted to move towards the establishment of culture of God centered healing marriages.

As the Professor of Religion, Cromwell Crawford wrote, "While other leaders talk of “family values,” Rev. Moon creates them... As a scholar in the field of Comparative Religion, I find it safe to say that there are few, if any, who have done more for the cause of inter-faith dialogue than Rev. Moon. "

"While other leaders talk of “family values,” Rev. Moon creates them." Professor Cromwell Crawford
Professor of Religion, University of Hawaii, US
Isn"t it admirable that followers of Rev. Moon believe, each and every child should be loved by true and loving parents; that every home should be filled with peace, love and harmony. But beyond that, they believe the world should also become "One United Family" under God as our Parent. They believe that for True Love there is no barriers; religious, national, racial or cultural. Love can resolve all human problems and this love should start through Revolution of Heart and Love within the family.

It is only natural that according to the organization, "Reverend and Mrs. Moon have succeeded in becoming the first True Parents, having established a God-centered family and lineage."

"Who can comprehend the sorrowful, painful heart of God?", asks Rev. Moon. "From the Fall God lost His lineage, lost His children, and was forced to hand over the ownership of the nations and world to Satan." History was dominated by selfishness, free sex and distrust that didn"t live space for God"s presence in our relationships.

According to Sun Myung Moon the wedding ceremony should "alleviate God’s grief caused by the fall of Adam and Eve". When couples of enemy nations, enemy races and enemy religions join in love, history of resentment and pain will be resolved once and forever. The future generations will not carry the barriers from the past in their hearts.

"As a scholar in the field of Comparative Religion, I find it safe to say that there are few, if any, who have done more for the cause of inter-faith dialogue than Rev. Moon." Professor Cromwell Crawford
Professor of Religion, University of Hawaii, US
The Unification Church quickly came under fire for its anti-communist work. The founder of the Unification Church, Dr. Sun Myung Moon is known for his key role in the fall of Communism. "If Rev. Moon had not established the Washington Times in 1982, many more problems would have occurred in the Western world", testifies Mr. Oyamada.

With the publication of the Washington Times a new confrontation began in the United States. All the criminal and violent activities of the communists which had been covered up by the liberal press began to be investigated and exposed. Thus, Moon"s paper, the Washington Times, played the key role in ending Communism.

Christianity however was confused, disunited and quickly coming under the manipulations of the atheistic communist agendas. Communist countries were even allowed by the west to infiltrate the United Nations. The World Council of Churches became an instrument of the communist propaganda. Rev. Moon was in fact the only hope for saving this confused world.

As could be well expected, the church of Rev. Moon came soon under vicious attacks. The "Moonies" were so falsely accused and bombarded by manipulated negativity, that hundreds of former members were actually put under high-pressure brainwashing by the so called "Anti-cult" fanatics. Of course majority did not succumb to this pressure, so "Anti-cult" activists used drugs and torture. They kept members under long confinement in the desperate attempt to brainwash them against the church. But only in few cases they succeeded and surely their evil will not stay unpunished. Once this was discovered court decision stopped their evil practices.

Anti-Cult fanatics spread the accusations of "sect"s secret teachings", "members" brainwashing". The truth was that they used brainwashing techniques to create ex-Moonies. Their evil purpose was to spread the argument that the Unification Church is, in fact, a cult group. The Unification Church at the same time was investing all its energy to save the world from the growing Communist threat.

If one has sincere heart and wants to know the true facts, next time you see the billboards set up at the entrance to campus advertised seminars and evening programs by members of the Family Federation, stop and hear them. "We create community networks of couples committed to each other," a flyer read. "The Family Federation calls all couples to rededicate their marriage in the love of God."

Ministers about Rev. Moon

Scientists about Rev. Moon

VIPs talk about Rev. Moon"s Work
Are you a member of the Unification Church? Have you experienced Rev. Moon"s teachings? Share your story in the comments.
Bay Area Family Church, Cult Group, Moonies, Religion, Rev. Moon, Sun Myung Moon, and The Unification Church
image The Blessing
Overcomes Historic Boundaries
image Humanism
The most dangerous religious sect

image Dr. Moon"s Middle East Peace Initiatives: Interreligious and International Peace Council
image Dream of Peace: Dalai Lama, Mahatma Gandi, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Rev. Dr. Moon
image Dr. Richard L. Rubenstein about Rev. Sun Myung Moon
Bay Area Family Church, Cult Group, Moonies, Religion, Rev. Moon, Sun Myung Moon, and The Unification Church


1. hituc - Anglican Priest, Senior Lecturer in Religious Studies, wrote about Rev. Moon:
30.09.2011 13:08
Even Moon's former enemies now recognize and celebrate the value of his "global vision" for peace. Here is what an Anglican Priest, Senior Lecturer in Religious Studies, Rev. David A. Hart wrote:

"Thank you, Rev. Moon, for your life of self-sacrifice and vision. In some sense, even we who are outside your membership as Ambassadors for Peace can salute you also as our "True Father," for you have contributed to the global vision of the earlier messiahs, and we salute your noble path and commit ourselves to follow in the future!"
2. hituc - Dr. Ninian Smart, Professor of Comparative Religions - about Rev. Moon
30.09.2011 13:16
I respect the vision of Rev. Moon and Mrs. Moon of a vast congregation of those who acknowledge his mission and who join him in a single family, which embraces many families. The people of this world who have reared families and who live together in amity and joy should recognize that vision of his as a vital ingredient in true happiness.
3. анонимен - Ramdane hadj Amar
30.09.2011 13:23
that's wonderfull testimonies, and it shows the real unification movement image. I trully hope that people come to understand the genuine value of Rev Moon and the unfication church.

4. hituc - Thanks for that wish
30.09.2011 13:26
Perhaps no other person has founded and funded so many organizations for peace and human betterment than Reverend Moon.
5. hituc - Rev. Moon - the "Champion of Inter-religious reconciliation"
30.09.2011 13:29
Rev. Moon became the "Champion of Inter-religious reconciliation" by one simple method, that no one used in the past. He simply brought representatives from all faith to work heart to heart for a common cause. Rev. Moon's teachings really bring a revolution in understanding and a "Revolution of Heart and Conscience".
6. анонимен - one family under God
30.09.2011 13:35
We are living in amazing time of new age. God wants us all to live all together in peace and love. No matter of our relegion and faith.
A founder of Unification Church rev Dr. Sun Myung Moon, is working for many years to bring peace, love, reconciliation and new vision for our world.
7. hituc - the Unification Church is The Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity
30.09.2011 13:59
The official title of the Unification Church is The Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity. It was officially founded in 1954 by Sun Myung Moon. Oftern termed "moonies", "moon's church", "moon's sect", "moon's cult" because of Rev. Moon's key role in ending Communism.


Mass weddings have long been a hallmark of the Rev. Sun Myung Moon's Unification Church, but the practice may soon come to be recognized as great contribution to peace. Inter-religious marriages were viewed with despise in the past, but past prejudices are now obvious for their narrow mindedness.

Learn more about the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification, also known as the Unification Church, founded by Rev. Sun Myung Moon.

8. hituc - Sun Myung Moon
30.09.2011 14:01
Sun Myung Moon (born February 25, 1920) is the Korean founder and leader of the worldwide Unification Church. He is also the founder of many other organizations and projects for peace. The Unification Church is a new religious movement founded by the new Korean religious leader, Sun Myung Moon, who by the words of the prophet Nostradamus is the Messianic figure who will bring lasting peace and prosperity.

Nearly everyone has read or heard something about the founder of the Unification Church, Reverend Sun Myung Moon. Media have portrayed Reverend Sun Myung Moon in a negative light in the past, but now the world starts recognizing his contribution to World Peace and the reconciliation process among religions.

The Unification Church founded by Rev. Sun Myung Moon is in fact not a "Church" or a separate religion; it is a movement to unity all people of faith and conscience in the aim of building a world of peace together.

What you need to know about the Moonie Cult is that Rev. Sun Myung Moon brought the end of Communism. Communism has taken the life of 150 million people. Atheism is the most dangerous sect. But Rev. Moon wants to put the end of all sect attitudes, all sectarian separations, divisions, selfish strives and disunion among God's children of all faith, nationality and race.
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